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Duty of Care Requirements

Our Corporate Services

Several of the services we provide assist companies in satisfying Duty of Care obligations (whether legislative, standard practice, morally required, or negotiated.) These services are useful whether employees are traveling for short periods of time, or are assigned to a longer term off-shore posting. The services also apply for individual business travelers as well as groups (e.g. attending a conference, or business meeting.)

Pre-Travel Risk Assessment

From wheels down to wheels up, we analyze routes of travel, meeting venues, accommodations, and intended visit sites, to evaluate and minimize the probability of risk or discomfort. Included are recommendations for changes to routes, accommodations, etc. as well as suggestions for on-site protection services where needed.

Pre-Travel Risk Disclosure

Perhaps the most utilized service within our travel security portfolio is that of secure ground transportation through our on the ground security partners. With over 500 human assets strategically placed worldwide, their tactically trained, discreet and polite professionals greet clients upon arrival and remain with them until they are safely en-route home.  For employees traveling to elevated risk areas or on enhanced-risk assignments, we deploy Executive Protection teams, utilizing government grade fortification strategies with fully armored vehicles. Utilizing our proprietary geo-mapping technology, we monitor travelers’ movements based on links to smart phones and/or computers, against the planned travel itinerary. Geo-fences are established on our tracking software, providing real-time monitoring capability on a proactive basis. We are alerted when the traveler moves outside the planned boundary, or when the traveler fails to register their location. The software also provides the capability to download software onto the client’s device to enable emergency notification.

Interactive Intelligence and Risk Monitoring

In addition to (or instead of) hard copy threat assessment, we provide online, interactive intelligence. Using geospatial mapping and artificial intelligence, the application is always aware of the traveler’s actual location. Information is provided based on actual location, i.e., within a specific geofence. Information includes text, mapping, and graphics, as appropriate, and informs the traveler about the security of his immediate area. Alerts relevant to that area/geofence, and to anywhere in the traveler’s itinerary, is provided to the traveler as they occur.    The tool also compares the traveler’s actual/current location to expected location based on original itinerary and queries the traveler if there are any discrepancies. The tool also provides buttons to access emergency services (e.g. police, hospitals, etc.) including “panic” button that the traveler can use if necessary. The application also raises alerts to designated contact individuals if any anomalies occur, e.g. missed signals, deviation from the itinerary, if GPS signal or device go dark for a specified/configurable time, etc.

Emergencies/Unplanned Events

Employees are provided with a 24×7 hot line number to contact in case of emergencies. Our Zone intelligence operations center can immediately deploy local asset(s) on the ground to provide emergency assistance (e.g.  extractions, response to terror alerts, legal help, etc.) We can also act as a liaison between the employee and his/her company In high-risk locations, we can make available a local asset on the ground who can be immediately available to respond to emergencies or other unplanned events.