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Pre-Travel Services

Our Travel Services

Given the current landscape of risk, timely and accurate information about conditions that travelers could face is fundamental to the security of any individual or group traveling overseas for work, pleasure, or business. Zone Intelligence supports travelers with a comprehensive travel and business intelligence capability Zone combines technology (data mining, analytics, machine learning, geo-fencing, etc.) with real-time intelligence provided by a large network of on-the-ground security professionals with local experience

Itinerary Vetting

From wheels down to wheels up, we analyze routes and methods of travel, meeting venues, accommodations, and intended visit sites, in order to evaluate and minimize the probability of risk or discomfort. Included are recommendations for changes to routes, destinations, accommodations, etc. as well as suggestions for on-site protection services where deemed necessary

Threat Assessment

Given the current landscape of risk, a Zone Intelligence Pre-Travel Threat Assessment is fundamental to the security of any individual or group traveling overseas for work, school, or pleasure. The report, a risk-mitigation blueprint, is based on each client’s specific itineraries. We include, as appropriate, information on crime, terrorism, civil unrest, climate, currency, political instability, languages, working-hours, international and domestic travel, health issues, religion of the country, social conduct, places of interest, etc. The report is based on information gathered by Zone Intelligence, supplemented by real-time intelligence from on-the-ground security professionals who have experience in the towns, cities, regions, and countries to be visited. Government based travel advice/warnings, if applicable, are included as well Using the findings of the itinerary vetting, and conditions specific to the cities and countries to be visited, we make appropriate recommendations for protections services such as a security-trained driver, armored vehicles, executive protection teams, 24×7 on the ground asset with the ability to provide tactical, medical, linguistic, and protection support.