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Travel Threat Mitigation

Our Travel Services

Zone Intelligence provides an array of local services to minimize travel risk and to increase confidence.

Services are customized for travelers based on evolution of several factors including purpose of travel, compositions of the travel group, location being visited, duration of trip, etc.

Interactive Support and Monitoring

In addition to hard copy threat assessment, we provide online, interactive intelligence. Using geospatial mapping and artificial intelligence, the application is always aware of the traveler’s actual location. Information is provided based on actual location, i.e., within a specific geofence. Information includes text, mapping, and graphics, as appropriate, and informs the traveler about the security of his immediate area. Alerts relevant to that area/geofence, and to anywhere in the traveler’s itinerary, is provided to the traveler as they occur.

Local Ground Transportation

Perhaps the most utilized service within our travel security portfolio is that of secure ground transportation provided through on the ground security partners. With over 500 human assets strategically placed worldwide, we provide tactically trained, discreet and polite professionals to greet clients upon arrival and to remain with them until they are safely en-route home.

Enhanced Protection

For our high profile and enhanced risk clients, and/or higher risk destinations, we deploy Executive Protection teams, utilizing government grade fortification strategies with fully armored vehicles.


Utilizing our proprietary geo-mapping technology, we can monitor the movements of travelers, based on links to smartphones tablets, and/or computers, against the planned travel itinerary. Geo-fences are established on our tracking software, providing real-time monitoring capability on a proactive basis. We can be alerted when the client moves outside the planned boundary, or when the client fails to register their location. The software also provides the capability to download software onto the client’s device to enable emergency notification. The application also raises alerts to designated contact individuals if any anomalies occur, e.g. missed signals, deviation from the itinerary, if GPS signal or device go dark for a specified/configurable time, etc.